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About Gillionville Plantation

Life at Gillionville Plantation revolves around quail hunting, even during the off-season. Each spring, game management and conservation practices commence anew with crews carrying out controlled burning of the property, thinning timber and mowing strips to enhance natural quail habitats. During the summer, hundreds of acres of special feed and cover crops are planted to help nurture the abundant wildlife: bobwhite quail, deer, wild turkey, duck, dove. In early fall horses get new shoes, dog trainers work with pointers and setters, firewood is cut and stacked for the lodge and mule wagons receive fresh coats of paint. Work is done getting the house ready and soon it is time to hunt.

Guests usually arrive at the Albany, Georgia airport on the afternoon before the first hunt. Gillionville personnel are there to transport everyone to the plantation which is about twenty five minutes away. Hunting begins the next morning as two parties depart for the field accompanied by mule drawn wagons, head dog handlers, scouts, and wagon drivers. Hunters may ride on the mule wagons or on one of the plantation?s guest horses. The hunting courses at Gillionville run through some of the most beautiful quail country in the world characterized by gently rolling uplands, magnificent live oaks, pines, sage and wiregrass, game patches, and hardwood lowlands.

Following the day's shoot, liveried servants meet guests at the door of Gillionville's plantation house. After cocktails and exquisite hors 'd oeuvres, uniformed waiters serve a glorious dinner prepared by our lodge's gourmet chef.

Members have exclusive use of the plantation during their stay and keep their same dates each year.

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